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IQ8Wireless transponder for devices, wall mount

This wireless transponder is designed for wall mounting. The wireless transponder communicates with up to 32 other wireless devices. These can be wireless of various types from intelligent automatic fire detectors or wireless interfaces with manual call points and/or alarm signaling devices of the IQ8-family. Using the System IQ8Control/FlexES Control, the wireless transponder integrates the intelligent automatic detectors (with and without alarm signaling devices), manual call point and IQ8Alarm Plus signaling devices in the esserbus / esserbus-PLus via the wireless base and/or wireless interface. The detector base allows esserbus integration of intelligent automatic detectors as bus devices with individual addressing via the transponder. Up to 10 transponders can be operated on one loop. The transponder can be linked with the loop as well as with a conventional detector zone or it can be operated as a stand-alone unit. Potential-free outputs for common fault and common fire are available. For system 8000 the transponder for RF devices can only be connected by using a potential-free relay to 4 IN/2 OUT or 1 IN transponder, because it is not compatible with panel 8000 and it cannot be used as a bus device.


The transponder needs an external supply voltage for operation.


Part No.: 805595.10

Approval: VdS

  • Tech Specification

    • RF communication with up to 32 users
    • maximum 32 wireless bases
    • maximum 10 wireless interfaces with IQ8MCP manual call points
    • maximum 10 control groups for wireless interface with IQ8Quad/IQ8Alarm Plus alarm signaling devices
    • esserbus integration of all RF. Devices as individually addressable users
    • The RF devices can be assigned in up to 32 detector zones
    • Alarm and fault transmission in accordance with EN 54-2
    • Connection to esserbus of IQ8Control / FlexES Control panels as bus device as well as to a conventional detector zones
    • Stand-alone operation
    • Potential-free outputs for common fault and common fire
  • Shipping Info

    Express delivery across UAE & GCC within 4 working days