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Cisco 72-3383-01 Rollover Console Cable, Blue DB9 to RJ45

Simply put, a console cable (or management cable) is a null modem cable that allows users the ability to communicate and configure a networking device. These particular null modem cables are "rolled over" meaning that on connector A pin 1 connects to pin 8 on connector B, pin 2 to pin 7 respectively and so on. The wiring is exactly opposite on one connector as it is on the other. This wiring allows users to configure various network devices by attaching the DB9 female portion of the cord to the serial port on your computer, and the RJ45 plug into the device (router, firewall, switch ect.).

This type of one piece cable replaces older "kits" that contained multiple cables and adapters. This newer type of console cable is compatible with most newer Cisco equipment. In addition, many other manufactures use the same type of wiring standard for device configuration as well so this cable might be a fit. Please consult your manufactures specifications for exact application.

This is a fit for Cisco part numbers: CAB-CONSOLE, 72-3383-01, CAB-1700-CON=, CAB-1600-CAN=, ACS-2600ASYN=, CAB-ME-CON=, AIR-CONCAB1200=, CAB-CONSOLE-RJ45


  • Product Info:

    Quick Specs:

    • Rollover Pinout
    • 15'
    • Light Blue
    • RJ45 to DB9


    • Cisco router, switch and firewall configuration
    • Can possibly be used to configure other networking devices as well
  • Shipping info:

    • 3-4 Working days at the Middle East region.
    • 6-7 Working days at Western and Europe region.
Size: 1 Meter
Color: sky blue