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We are an independent IT infrastructure solution provider specializing in computing, networking, servers, interactive, projection, display, data storage and printing.

Based in Middle East, we are a part of a global group of IT solution providers. Our core focus is on Networking and Storage products and provide solutions from Cisco and Juniper networks to name a few. With our industry leading relationships with key vendors and commitment to service delivery, we are a leading name in providing networking products and solutions in the region.

Devicesin has key partnerships with some of the world's largest technology manufacturers which gives us an advantage and offer you the latest technology solutions to fit the ever evolving needs of modern public administration.

Our solutions, no matter how complex, will be backed by our experts during your research, purchase, execution and support cycle. Our experts will guide you through the specifications and cost efficiencies while providing a high level of customer support.

We have successful long term relationships with a wide range of customers which represent a range of market verticals.

Drive for client success